Jan. 2nd, 2011

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I told Professor Dumbledore what I did now that I'm back at school. The one in my time, I mean. I told him what I did, why I did it and that I would be handing in my Prefect badge. I know acted rashly and childishly, and... I won't be surprised if Potter never wants to speak to me again. I told Professor Dumbledore I don't deserve to be a Prefect anymore because I sunk down to Potter's level, and maybe even a bit further than that. I turned into a bully, like the students I stand up to on the behalf of those who get pushed around, simple as that.

And he made me keep my badge. He told me that it was a human reaction and even the best of wizards have acted on their tempers. It was strange, but before I left he said something about "sadness flying away on the wings of time" and not forcing forgiveness. ...Bit odd, that. I don't see why I would force him to forgive me....

[Locked to Remus]

When you see this, can you meet me outside the History of Magic classroom? I have something to talk to you about and it's very important.


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