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I'm starting to think I shouldn't have Confunded Potter to keep him from crashing Slughorn's party last night. But can you blame me? I didn't want him butting in. I have a boyfriend and he seems to enjoy trying to hex them or scare them off.

Anyway, as soon as Dad and I got in the door, Mum told me to change into something smart because Tuney's boyfriend was coming for dinner. So while Mum finished setting the table the doorbell rang. I answered and there was this young man, bit older and taller than me and Tuney, and also rather... heavy. Before I could ask who he was, Tuney rushed right by me and pulled him inside. So I went and asked Mum and she said, "Oh, Lily, I thought Petunia told you already. That's her boyfriend, Vernon Dursley. She broke up with David a few weeks after you left for school."

Then Mum introduced me properly to Vernon, we all sat down for dinner, and I didn't have much to say for the rest of the night except to say goodnight when he left. I don't think I've ever seen my sister so happy and in love with someone before....

But this means that Tuney could be Harry's aunt. He said his uncle's name was Vernon. I want to believe that it's just more of a coincidence, that maybe the surnames don't line up. But deep down, I think there is no coincidence. I think I might be Harry's mother in the future. But James is his father. But that means...

Oh, Merlin's beard, no! I wouldn't. I could never. It's impossible. Maybe when I wake up in the morning, I'll find out this is some awful nightmare. If it is, I swear I'll try to be nicer to James next time I see him and I'll never use a Confundus Charm on him ever again.

((Replies dated to the following morning.))


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