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I honestly would love nothing more than to destroy this book if it didn't mean I would lose any method of staying in touch with certain people with the community. Over the past two weeks it has been reappearing in my workspace in place of whichever school book I have out. If I leave it off to the side for too long, it bounces off my head until I lock it my bag. And then it always seems to find a way out. I've already spent nearly an hour explaining about this book and the community to Sev. Everyone else seems to think I have a hexed book.

So, in the hope of convincing it to leave me alone while I study for my OWLs, I am writing in it, as it seems to want. The past week's silliness aside, how is everyone? I count myself fortunate to avoid the mess that last virus caused.

[Failed private, open to anyone she's talked to before]

Dear me, it's been some time since I last had an entry only in this book. If I figured out the locking mechanism on this correctly, I should be the only one to see this.

A couple weeks back, I broke things off with Mark, my now ex-boyfriend. I guess I just didn't feel the right connection with him, not to mention he's been acting slightly more clingy than normal. My decision was made easier when he started interfering with my time to study and meet up with my friends. I couldn't take it any longer. Not with Prefect duties and the exams to study for. He's a sixth year! He should remember how stressful the months leading up to the OWLs are!

To be honest, it's rather nice being single again. I'd almost forgotten what it's like, since I was with him for nearly a year.
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I told Professor Dumbledore what I did now that I'm back at school. The one in my time, I mean. I told him what I did, why I did it and that I would be handing in my Prefect badge. I know acted rashly and childishly, and... I won't be surprised if Potter never wants to speak to me again. I told Professor Dumbledore I don't deserve to be a Prefect anymore because I sunk down to Potter's level, and maybe even a bit further than that. I turned into a bully, like the students I stand up to on the behalf of those who get pushed around, simple as that.

And he made me keep my badge. He told me that it was a human reaction and even the best of wizards have acted on their tempers. It was strange, but before I left he said something about "sadness flying away on the wings of time" and not forcing forgiveness. ...Bit odd, that. I don't see why I would force him to forgive me....

[Locked to Remus]

When you see this, can you meet me outside the History of Magic classroom? I have something to talk to you about and it's very important.
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I figure if I write in my book again, it will stop appearing on my bed, in my bag, among my other books and everywhere else I never put it.

I had a wonderful time at Hogsmeade this past weekend, I found some sweets I know Mum and Dad will love when I get back home. I also had a lovely time out with my boyfriend, Mark, too. He was so sweet about me dragging him along in all the different shops while I was looking for Christmas gifts for my parents. Now, they have finally been settled at least, but I'm going to have to wait to get Tuney's until I get home. I sent an owl the other night to tell them the train will be in London on Saturday night, so that's that taken care of too.

Tomorrow, however, is Slughorn's party. I was looking forward to it before, but it almost feels wrong after seeing what happened to the Doctor... but I already promised Professor Slughorn I would and Mark has some dress robes to wear, so I'm going to put on a smile and go.


It's strange though. Remus wasn't in our afternoon class today or at dinner and I could swear I saw the nurse leading him across the grounds at sunset.... Could it be that Sev's wild theory isn't so wild? It is a full moon tonight. It was the night we were supposed to do rounds together. Oh God... I need to talk to him. But I have so much to do tomorrow and Saturday. I'll send an owl when I get home.

On the other side of things, I still have to find a gift for Harry and James for the Secret Santa table. I know I don't have Harry for it, but I feel so bad for the poor boy. Besides, Willow said I could help by keeping an eye on the table, so I can slip in my gifts when no one else is looking. I still need to find something decent for Potter too, so he won't be able to know it's me. I know I'll regret a recording of that silly show, Monty Python's Flying Circus... but maybe that would be enough. That and hot chocolate mix. Now all that's left to do is put it together and hope I can slip away for the party. Mum and Dad should understand if I say friends invited me along.


((Tags after I sleep and get home from work~))
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It was a mercifully quiet night in the halls this time, I hope it goes as well tomorrow.

Speaking of, Remus, we've got rounds assigned together for tomorrow night. You haven't forgotten, I trust?
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I've just come back from the hospital wing. Sev has an odd story about being attacked by a stag on the grounds this morning. In all my five years at Hogwarts, I have never seen a stag or doe of any sort. I wouldn't have thought any lived in the Forbidden Forest, not with everything I've heard to live in there.

What makes it even more strange, is that he said he hadn't been doing anything. He had just been sitting by the lake, reading over his Potions notes.

I'm just glad he'll be released tomorrow. The nurse wants to keep him overnight, make sure he hasn't suffered a concussion. He's not too happy about it.

I have rounds again tonight, assigned with one of the Hufflepuff prefects. I promised Sev I'd pop in for a quick visit when I finish.

((Post enabled by Mouse, so permission assumed for use of the "stag". :'D Also, this event has apparently been influenced by this thread.))
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We're not even at Hogwarts for twenty-four hours and already there are students breaking the rules. Just on the way to Gryffindor Tower, I confiscated two Fanged Frisbees and Black has earned himself the first detention of the year for setting a Slytherin banner on fire.

Professor McGonagall has asked that you to report to her office on Friday night for your punishment.
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